Nationwide Service

One of the difficulties of owning or managing a large company with multiple locations is finding a way to improve security across the entire company. Because facilities are in different geographical areas, they may need security services from multiple companies. This can create problems and additional costs trying to manage partnerships with multiple vendors performing the same services at different locations. Large companies need a single security company that can provide service on a national level.

Fortunately, our company provides nationwide service to companies of any size. With such a wide coverage area, your company can get the security services that it needs from one vendor that you can trust. We have extensive experience coordinating security services and handling national service agreements.

Companies Located in Multiple States

Companies located in multiple states face particular difficulties in getting the service and support that they need. Working with a series of different vendors can be problematic. This is because it is difficult to standardize service and service agreements across the network of security companies.

The best way to address this problem is to work with a security company that has branches across the country. Because we can operate in any state, we can offer service contracts to cover your entire company. That way, every part of your company gets the same level of support and service, while you only have to work with one vendor to protect operations.

Installation and Implementation

Having multiple facilities can make installing a security system for your company more difficult. However, the right company can successfully plan, install, and implement a security system. We install a variety of different technologies. Our company is a low voltage installer capable of installing systems that won’t create a massive electric bill. We can also handle more complex installations, like a biometric fingerprint reader, without problems. Our services can cover any type of installation that you need to have done to have the best security possible.

Available When Needed

The security company that you choose will determine the quality of the support that you receive. Choose a company that will give you support when you need it, whether on the weekends or at night.

Ongoing Maintenance

Having a maintenance plan with the security company can help large businesses keep their security systems working. Certain security devices, like hand reading devices or wireless network connections, require specialized maintenance. Because there are many components spread across multiple facilities, keeping track of the maintenance process for each part can be difficult. The security company can develop a maintenance schedule to ensure that every part of your security system is regularly maintained. It is one more part of the security plan that you won’t have to manage directly at all times.

Businesses with locations in multiple states could benefit from partnering with a security company that provides nationwide service. We are able to provide installation, implementation, and maintenance of security equipment in the 48 contiguous states. Contact Video & Sound Service at 555-867-5309 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your service needs.