Where to Install Hidden Surveillance Cameras for Home Security

More people are taking home security seriously, doing whatever they can to protect their family and their home. This includes the use of hidden surveillance cameras. A well-placed hidden camera can be very useful in monitoring events in and around your home, ensuring that your valuables and your loved ones are protected.

From nanny cams to mini security cameras, people want the added security of hidden surveillance cameras. The thing is, too often people struggle with where best to properly place security cameras in their home. The right placement of a security camera will pick up good footage while remaining discrete and undetectable. The home security specialists at Video and Sound Inc are here to tell you where to place your hidden camera for maximum protection.

You can place a hidden camera in any room in your home. You do want to be careful of placing your camera in the kitchen or bathroom where water, humidity, and plumbing issues could potentially cause damage to your camera.


One of the best places to set up your hidden camera is on a bookshelf. A hidden camera can easily blend in with other items on your shelf. It’s even possible to buy hidden cameras that are in the shape of a book or in the shape of another novelty item that would normally be placed on a bookshelf.

Television Stand

The TV stand is another great place to set a hidden surveillance camera. Surrounded by other electronic items, your camera will be camouflaged well. People will be unlikely to notice a tiny camera sitting next to a variety of other electronic equipment.

Placing your hidden surveillance camera on either the bookshelf or the television stand is an advantageous choice. They typically provide an excellent view of the room, where placing your camera in a more obscure place may not capture good views of the room.

Placement in Other Items

Another great tip for optimal hidden camera placement is to put your hidden surveillance camera in a small, decorative item. You want to choose an item that would not look suspicious or out of place. Take, for example, a wall clock can be placed in any room and can offer great views of what is going on.

Other items that make for great covers for hidden cameras are flower and plant vases as well as mirrors. You could even get a two-way mirror for highly effective surveillance.

You may also consider placing a hidden camera behind a normal object on your nightstand, such as behind a radio or clock. You can even get a hidden camera already built into the clock or radio. If you have a PC, you can replace one of the desktop speakers with a speaker that has a camera in it.

When installing a hidden camera, you can try some of the ideas mentioned. Or you can Video and Sound Inc so that we can answer any questions you may have about home security installation.