Vehicle Security Cameras

If you are worried about your vehicle, you can secure it just like you can your home. Vehicles have built-in security systems, but they don’t include cameras. You can install cameras easily so that you can have video evidence of crimes and can monitor your vehicle more effectively. Here is a look at what you can do to secure your vehicle with cameras. 

Dash Cams

The most important and prominent piece of surveillance equipment that you can get for your vehicle is a dash cam (dashboard camera). You can find them at big-box stores, online, and some auto parts stores. They have grown in popularity over the last decade with high profile incidents being caught on dash cams. The camera can get power from your car and usually sits on the dashboard to face out the front window. 

Dash cams are important because they let you monitor what is happening in front of your vehicle. This can be extremely helpful if you are in an accident, but it can also help if someone tries to damage or steal your car. 

Rear Cams

A rear camera is like a dash cam, but it is designed to look out of the back of your vehicle. Many newer vehicles have a version of this built-in called a back-up camera. These cameras are not active all of the time, which is why you may prefer to have a separate aftermarket rear cam put it. 

There are models available that you can use to create a wireless security system in your car. The key to using a rear cam effectively is to have it cover a wide section of space behind your vehicle. That way, no one can sneak up to the vehicle in its blind spots. 

Cabin Cams

You may also want to monitor what is happening inside your vehicle, which is why you may need a cabin cam. They are designed to watch the inside of the cabin with a wide-angle lens. That way, you can see everything that is going on in the front and back seats. Cabin cams are useful when your car is stolen or someone tries to break into it. You can catch them on camera and be able to give the police a positive identification when they have a suspect.  


The need for vehicle security is becoming a bigger issue, and security systems are evolving to make vehicle security easier. You can get a camera for your vehicle that functions the same way that your home security camera works. With an internet or other type of wireless connection, you can check the feed using your smartphone. 

These cameras can also pair with other sensors to help your vehicle more effectively. For example, motion sensors are an effective option for seeing if someone gets into your vehicle. There are also sensors that attach to the door and sends you a notification if the door is opened. Placing a glass sensor in your vehicle can also notify you if the windows are broken. 

Partner with an Expert

There are many options for vehicle security that you can choose from. For help developing an effective security system for your vehicle, call Video and Sound Service, Inc. at (708) 562-6316. We have extensive experience developing security systems and can help you design the right system for your vehicle.