Is it Time to Upgrade Your Business Security System?

Nowadays, having some sort of commercial security system is necessary for the daily functioning of just about any business. And whether your business’s security system involves CCTV camera surveillance or just an ordinary alarm system, it’s important to make sure your security system is updated for optimal efficiency—and safety.

But it can be easy to overlook the maintenance of a system that runs primarily in the background, like security. So here are some helpful things to consider if you’re thinking about updating your business security system.  

Benefits of Updating Your Business Security System

If you’re still using an old-fashioned-alarm system to protect your business, it might be time to upgrade your business security system. Installing CCTV cameras to monitor inside and outside your business is an extremely beneficial update you can make. 

The addition of video surveillance to your business security system will both allow you to record and review the goings on in and around your business, and provide concrete evidence to the authorities in case of vandalism or a robbery. Having cameras stationed around your business can also deter potential criminals from targeting your establishment—sometimes, the greatest benefit of updating your security system is the intimidation that comes with sophistication. 

Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Business Security System

Even if you already have a reliable security system in place, it’s important to keep up with the latest technology to maximize your system’s efficiency. Each time you invest in upgrading your security system, you’re investing in the health and future of your business. These are some of the best reasons to upgrade your business security system:

  • High Quality Video Storage

Many businesses incorporated security cameras into their business security system decades ago, but haven’t kept pace with modern upgrades in video quality and storage. Factors like whether or not your security footage is recorded using low or high quality video can make or break the success of securing your business. Also, upgrades like increasing your system’s storage from an MPEG-2 to an MPEG-4 will enable you to store more footage, at higher quality in your video archive. Having an up-to-date means of storing video footage will certainly give you peace of mind should there come a time you need footage to show authorities. 

  • Compliance with Modern Infrastructure 

For some businesses, compliance with modern security infrastructure isn’t only recommended, it’s required. If you’re a company that works for a federal agency or healthcare entity, maintaining modern security infrastructure is often necessitated by contract. This might require you to update your system on a routine basis.

  • Upgraded Surveillance Tools

Technology has come a long way in the past few decades, particularly surveillance technology. It’s important to make sure you’ve got the best business security system available so that your establishment, employees, and investments are kept safe and secure. The best tools available today are security cameras and audio recording. Night vision security cameras are also available on the market, in case you need to maintain surveillance of dim areas. If you haven’t upgraded to video surveillance yet, it’s highly recommended you do so. By upgrading your security system with CCTV cameras and adequate data storage, you’ll be ready for any incident that might occur.

Need Some Help Designing Your Business Security System?

If you’re considering upgrading your security system with video and audio surveillance, one of the best things you can do is seek assistance from security experts. At Video and Sound Services, Inc., we help customers design updated security systems with the latest technology, including video and audio recording. Call us at (708) 562-6316 to discuss upgrading your business security system.