Traditional vs. Fingerprint Based Security System

The keystone of security access control systems is the number pad. It is a traditional add on for any system that needs to effectively limit access to an area while still giving qualified personnel quick and easy-to-use access controls. Over the past few decades, variations of this system have become more popular. Card readers, in particular, are very popular now. However, they lack the same level of security as the number pad. 

Newer technologies are replacing all of the traditional elements of an access control system. Fingerprint readers and biometric scanners are positioned to change how companies implement security controls. Here is how you can choose between a traditional or fingerprint-based security system.


One of the first aspects of the system that business owners think of is the cost. The traditional system components are more affordable than the biometric fingerprint access control systems. Biometric fingerprint readers are relatively new and require more advanced technology to be effective. However, the added cost of newer technology also makes it more effective at increasing security. It is much harder to bypass a biometric fingerprint reader than it is to bypass a traditional component. 


Another consideration is how easy it is to use the different components. The advantage that biometric fingerprint readers provide is that they are much easier to use than other system components. The required item, a person’s finger, is always present with the person, so it cannot be forgotten or stolen. The system requires very little thought since all you have to do is place your hand on the reader. This makes the fingerprint reader easier to use. 


In terms of efficiency, traditional components and fingerprint readers can be nearly on par with each other. This is because all of these components take a minimum amount of time to use. How efficient each system is depends on the user, how the system is set up, and which components are chosen. 


Perhaps the most important aspect to consider is the effectiveness of each component. Fingerprint readers offer added security that the other components cannot. Mainly, it uses a type of identification that cannot be faked. Biometrics are unique to every person making them impossible to steal or duplicate. This makes it difficult for anyone to bypass your security systems, making it possible to make core operations extremely secure. 

Ease of Installation

If you are thinking of having a biometric fingerprint system installed, work with a professional installer. Having an installer with experience in multiple types of security systems makes it easy to include fingerprint scanners in any security system. That way, you can integrate one into your existing system to increase security within your facility. 

If you need an installer or designer for your security system, contact Video and Sound Service, Inc. We have teams of experts with the skills needed to quickly and effectively install fingerprint scanners in your security system. Plus, we work with a wide selection of security system components and other systems, making it easier to create an effective security system.