The Utility of Audio in Video Surveillance

Audio surveillance is a useful option when designing a home surveillance and security system. While most systems focus on video surveillance, audio provides additional information that can help you protect your home. Fortunately, there is an increasing number of surveillance cameras with audio built-in on the market, making it easy to integrate into your system. Here is a look at the utility of audio in video surveillance.

Audio Lets You Hear What You Can’t See

When it comes to video surveillance, there are certain things that the visual sense alone cannot convey. For example, you might not see a thief hiding in a hedge, but hear him rifling through your pockets as he passes by on a bicycle. Maybe somebody is trying to calm a dog barking in your neighbor’s yard, or listen to teenagers talking outside your house on a warm summer night. If someone is outside of the range of the video surveillance, your audio surveillance can still detect them and let you know that something is going on.

A home surveillance camera with audio lets you pick up these sounds, in addition to hearing what’s going on in your own yard. It helps you listen to noises in the background, offering much more information. Add voice recognition software to the mix, and you’ll find that you can automatically identify who’s talking or barking, or even which dog made a sound. You can even have the camera speak back to intruders.

Audio Adds Context To Interactions

When it comes to security cameras with audio recording, the audio recording can help you add context to situations. Not every interaction that is recorded on your security system catches someone doing something wrong. You could see a simple interaction between two people that looks aggressive, but is actually two friends talking. Audio recordings help you determine the context of these interactions so that you can judge them and determine the appropriate way to respond.

Two-Way Audio Can Help You Prevent Problems

Some people like to use security systems as a way to protect their property and deter intruders. Others use them as a way to prevent accidents and other problems. For example, you can set up a doorbell that allows you to communicate with somebody at the door before opening it. This is especially useful if you live in a crime-ridden neighborhood and you want to be able to see who is at the door without opening it yourself.

Audio Recording is Restricted By Law

While recording sound is a useful tool in a surveillance system, there are circumstances where it may not be allowed. In many cases, the law requires that you notify people before you record them. You also must follow certain protocols to ensure that the recordings are admissible as evidence in court.

There is a growing number of surveillance systems that have features that include audio recording. Such a system works well in a home where there is a family with younger children. It is less useful in the case of senior citizens, who will be more likely to hear everything from neighbors and other more intrusive forms of surveillance. Having both video and audio capabilities will make your system more versatile and useful for your personal needs.

Let Us Set It Up For You

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