Secure Your Technology with Biometric Fingerprint Readers

Biometric fingerprint readers are becoming a standardized feature on business-grade mobile devices and for good reasons. Laptops, tablets, and cellphones with access to your network pose the biggest risk for intrusions and data theft. Installing a biometric fingerprint reader on a computer is an effective way to secure it against unwanted use. You can apply this security practice to computers and other devices as well with the right equipment. Here is why you should secure your technology with biometric fingerprint readers. 

Unique Identification

Biometric access controls secure devices with unique identification methods rather than relying on passwords, which have proven to be easier to circumvent. With a biometric fingerprint scanner, you can increase the security of each device, even limiting it to one specific user in most cases. The method of identification cannot be replicated, making it nearly impossible to steal other users’ credentials. This is the level of protection that you need to keep sensitive business information, like customer account information, secure.  

Easier to Use

Biometric fingerprint scanners are also easier to use than many other forms of identification. Passwords are hard to remember and make complex enough to be secure. Key cards are hard to always have when you need them. Fingerprint scanners use your fingers to identify you, making it a form of identification that you will always have available. Your business won’t have to worry about lost or stolen security credentials anymore. 

Cost-Efficient Technology

In many ways, biometric fingerprint readers are more cost-effective than other types of security systems. The technology to create fingerprint readers has been around for decades, driving down the cost of manufacturing. You can get new fingerprint readers for a relatively affordable price. This makes it possible to outfit an entire office with them at a better cost than other security implementations. Because of the advanced level of security that they provide, fingerprint readers can also reduce your security costs by being better at preventing theft and data breaches.

Fast and Reliable

Another benefit of using fingerprint scanners is that they are fast and reliable. The technology to read complex fingerprints has greatly improved making faster processing possible. It takes less time to use a fingerprint reader than it does to use other systems. Fingerprint readers are also more reliable. They rarely have trouble scanning a fingerprint on the first try and they are very unlikely to fail to identify the fingerprint. When you attach a reader to a computer, you can be sure that the system will work fine every time. 

Partner with an Expert

It is easy to add biometric fingerprint readers to your devices. There are simple USB devices that are effective and secure all types of computers. Before you try to install them yourself, partner with an expert to ensure that everything goes smoothly. At Video and Sound Service, Inc., we have the resources and experience needed to help you create the best security system for your needs. Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our security experts.