How Wireless Security Cameras Work

Video surveillance systems have been around since 1942. Since its not so humble WWII beginnings, video surveillance has evolved into many different forms that can be used for everything from private home security to special security access systems for businesses.
One aspect of video surveillance that is growing quickly is the use of wireless security cameras. Video and Sound Inc assists customers in selecting and installing the best wireless security systems in Chicago for their unique needs. A question we often hear, however, is “How does wireless security cameras work?” Let’s answer that question right now.

How do wireless security systems work?

Wireless security cameras use a radio transmitter or RF to transmit captured video from a built-in storage device or cloud storage to a receiver. The user will be able to access all images and videos through their monitor or receiver via an access link.

Wireless security systems offer five standard functions:

  • motion detection
  • wireless technology
  • scheduled recording
  • remote viewing
  • automatic cloud storage

One reason wireless surveillance cameras are better than wired cameras is that with wired cameras, the wires can alert would-be criminals to the existence of the surveillance system in place. The would-be criminals could potentially cut the wires to avoid being detected. With wireless security cameras, there are no wires to alert intruders that they are being monitored. Also, if there is a power outage, wireless security cameras will continue to transmit.

Motion Detectors
Video and Sound Inc can include motion detectors to your security camera system which can offer more security while being energy efficient. Cameras that include a motion sensor will begin recording automatically when they detect movement within a specified range.

Scheduled Recording
Wireless security systems have the advantage of allowing scheduled recording. This give the owner more control to schedule specific times for a camera to begin recording, in addition to receiving a recording when a motion sensor is triggered.

Automatic Cloud Storage
Gone are the days where the owner of a security camera system had to store tons of VHS and DVD recordings, taking up ample space and having to manually label each tape or DVD for inventory. With automatic cloud storage, all images and clips that are recorded are automatically transferred via your home’s Wi-Fi network to cloud storage. The recordings and images are automatically timestamped for easy browsing and inventory.

Remote Access
You can access your video clips and images from your security system’s cloud storage remotely. You can also remotely access, monitor, and schedule all of your wireless security system’s features.

Don’t let words like wireless access and security systems make you feel intimidated if you do not consider yourself a “techy” person. Though these features are sophisticated, they are very user friendly and easy to install. And if you are still apprehensive about setting up a wireless security system for your home, our specialists here at Video and Sound in Chicago will be more than happy to assist you. We also offer professional security system installation to help put your mind at ease.