How To Improve Your Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a tough subject to tackle for more people since no one wants to think about putting cameras up to watch other people. However, video cameras are one of the best ways of elevating security since it gives you more information than any other form of security. Still, many business owners overlook certain issues in their surveillance systems, which can leave them open to problems in the future. Here is how you can improve your video surveillance systems

Choose the Right Video Surveillance Equipment

One of the biggest problems in business video surveillance that comes back to haunt business owners is the equipment that they choose. Choosing the wrong surveillance equipment means that it may not work the way that you want it to. 

For example, choosing security cameras that do not have a high-quality night vision can be a problem if you have to cover large spaces at night. The further you get from the camera, the less usable the image is. That means that someone could break in and still get away with it because you cannot see them in enough detail to help cops arrest him. 

Before buying any equipment, research it thoroughly. It is also a good idea to partner with a company that has the expertise and experience in surveillance to help you find the right equipment for your needs. 

Create Off-Site Backups of Your Surveillance Footage

Your surveillance system is only effective if you can recover the recordings when something happens. In some cases, this may not be possible if you keep the copies in the building. Instead, backup your security camera footage using cloud services. This will create backup copies in another location, which can be recovered if the surveillance system is damaged or destroyed. 

Create Full Coverage Except Where Prohibited 

When you set up your camera system, it is important to cover as much space as possible. This will maximize the amount of space that is watched at all times and increase your chances of collecting valuable evidence. However, there are places within your building that you are not allowed to place cameras. Any space where there should be a reasonable expectation of privacy cannot have a camera. 

It is important that none of the off-limits areas are recorded. The legal protections that prevent you from recording those areas are strong, and you could find yourself in a lawsuit or facing criminal charges. To avoid this problem, review the positioning of cameras near those areas. 

Make sure that they cover the areas near them, but cannot see inside. Some cameras have blind spots, making them a perfect fit if you put them above the door facing away. Another option is to put the camera down the hall so that it can see past the door without looking in. 

Consult with an Expert

If you want to avoid problems with your surveillance system, work with an expert to make sure that everything goes well. You can do this contacting Video and Sound Service, Inc. at 800-244-6316. Our team can help you set up a surveillance system that works well and keeps you out of trouble.