How Security Camera Live Feeds Work

If you have a wireless security system or a system with a connection to an outside signal, then you can probably view your security cameras’ live feed from your phone. Many people enjoy this ability because it lets them check on their house from wherever they are as long as they can get a signal. If you have this feature enabled, then you can take advantage of it to have a bit more peace of mind as you travel. Here is a closer look at how a security camera live feed works.

Quality Signal to the Base Station

The first step in the process is for the camera to transmit the signal to the base station. Make sure that your cameras are properly connected so that the signal can be relayed. If you have a wireless system, it is important to try to improve the quality of the signal as much as possible. Wireless signals degrade when passing through objects like solid walls. If your signal is too degraded by the time it reaches the base station, you probably won’t get a usable picture when you try to access it remotely. 

Connect to a Network

Security systems can transmit signals in several ways. You will need access to an internet connection if you want to send information over the internet. Some systems use 3G or 4G signals, which is what your phone probably uses. If your system can connect to an outside signal network, you may be able to access it remotely. 

Connect to Your Phone

The last step is to connect your security system with your phone. The connection that you need depends on the type of system and phone that you have. However, most phones use apps to connect with security systems. Apps have a more secure connection and dedicated resources for added security. If you have a commercially available system, there is probably an app made by the same company that you can download for your specific phone type. 

Maintain Your Security

If you check your security cameras remotely, it is important that you adopt security measures. If you are logged into the app on your phone, anyone that takes your phone may be able to see through your cameras. Make sure that you practice appropriate security measures, such as logging out of the app when you are not using it, or locking your phone. This helps you prevent other people from using your phone to access your security system. 

Make sure that you keep a record of your passwords and other vital information for accessing your security system that is not on your phone. If something happens to your phone, like it falls in water or you crack the screen, you will have the information to access the system from another phone. 

Setting up a security system can be difficult if you do not know how to do it. Fortunately, having a security system installed is easier than ever with the right help. Call Video and Sound Service, Inc. at (708) 562-6316 to learn more.