Home Security Equipment You Should Know

Home security is on the minds of everyone that has a home or family to protect. Security and alarm system installation is becoming easier to install and use, making it a widely-available way to enhance your home security. If you want to develop an effective home security system, you need to understand the different types of equipment that you can use. Here is what you should know about video and sound equipment used to build a home security system.

Control Panels and Key Pads

Every security system needs a control panel or a keypad. These are used to access the system to activate, deactivate, and talk to dispatchers when there is an emergency. These devices are usually placed at key entry points like the front or side door. However, you can place one wherever you want so that you have control of the system anywhere in the house. 

Keypads are becoming more common as doorknob replacements. They are a great option for anyone that does not want to use a key anymore. Simply enter a number and you can unlock the door. You can also get fingerprint scanners and facial recognition cameras that work the same way. 


Video cameras are one of the most important parts of your home security system. They provide the highest level of detail when it comes to collecting information before and after an incident. You want to have an appropriate number of these devices to cover specific parts of your house. Your home security system will likely have multiple types of cameras, including indoor and outdoor cameras.

Motion and Sound Sensors

Motion sensors are designed to detect motion within a specific area. They usually have a short-range so that they will only cover a small space. You can choose from a wide variety of detection systems, including motion-activated cameras, laser tripwires, and sonar monitors to name a few. Focused monitors, like laser tripwires, work best in doorways or other openings. Wide-angle monitors, like sonar systems, work best covering a room from a high, fixed point in a corner. 

Sound sensors are effective at detecting the things that motion sensors cannot. For example, glass monitors can sense the high-pitch frequencies that are made when glass breaks. You attach them to windows and they can tell if a window has been smashed. Used these to supplement your motion sensors and cover a room when there is no-one in there. 


Building a security system may be easier than ever, but there are simple mistakes that you can make that can create problems. It is also easier than ever to get help from an expert in home security installation. At Video and Sound Service, Inc., we have extensive experience helping people create the home security system that is right for their needs. Call us at (708) 562-6316 to discuss how we can help you with your home security needs.