Facial Recognition System’s Impact on Security

Face recognition systems are changing how companies and governments implement security around the world. Thanks to the addition of AI systems, cloud-based data processing resources, and tech advancements in computing power, it is possible to quickly identify someone with a high degree of accuracy. It is proving to be an effective tool in fighting crime, and the technology continues to improve at a steady rate. Here is a look at how facial recognition systems are changing global security practices.

What is Facial Recognition?

Surveillance cameras provide a lot of information about possible criminal activity or accidents. Essentially, these security systems are used to try to identify the people in the area. While this can be done by humans, is more effective to use facial recognition systems.

Facial recognition systems are designed to use complex geometry to identify a person’s face from a single picture. Everyone has a slightly different shaped face, and this complex geometry can help computers identify people by their specific facial features. Thanks to improvements in technology and high-powered computing systems, it is possible to use facial recognition systems to identify a person in real-time.

Instant Identification

One of the most profound impacts that facial recognition systems are having on security is instant identification. Some systems are so powerful that they can identify a person that is moving through an area in real-time. Being able to identify specific people even in crowded areas makes it more likely that security teams can effectively monitor and stop a person from doing something illegal. When crimes are committed, facial recognition systems are effective at identifying the person responsible so that law enforcement can apprehend them. This recognition is so fast that a person may not have had time to even leave an area before law enforcement can react. 

Driving Technology Improvements

The way that facial recognition systems work, they need cameras that can provide a higher quality image then most cameras do. Clear images make facial recognition systems more accurate, especially when trying to identify a person at a distance. To accommodate the systems, engineers are pushing the limits of camera technology to make systems that provide higher resolution images at longer ranges. 

These improvements are affecting surveillance systems that do not use facial recognition as well. As camera technology improves, higher definition cameras are becoming more affordable that are being incorporated into all security systems. Cameras are becoming better and more durable while adding additional features to their designs.

Implement Facial Recognition Systems

Perhaps the best part of facial recognition systems that they can be integrated into existing systems so long as they have appropriate cameras. This means that you can add a video facial recognition system to your security system with the right set up and connections.

Adding a facial recognition system to an existing system or installing a new one will take the assistance of security experts. Work with some of the best facial recognition experts in Chicago at Video and Sound Service, Inc. to get the most out of your system. Call our offices at (708) 562-6316 to schedule a consultation about how you can upgrade or install a new security system that includes a facial recognition system.