Facial Recognition is Changing the Face of Video Surveillance

With the advances in modern technology, authorities can identify a shoplifter or any criminal as soon as a camera spots them on the premises. We live in an era where it’s becoming more difficult for criminals to run and hide. Their plans are often thwarted with the existence of surveillance cameras with a face recognition system.

Facial recognition technology was once a thing of science fiction. Now, it’s a much sought-after security measurement that’s proven to be effective in crime and loss prevention. The impact of facial recognition in stores and security checkpoints is positively impacting the use of video surveillance.

How has face recognition systems impacted video surveillance?

  • Implementing video surveillance with facial recognition tech is preventing crime and saving lives every single day.
  • In 2018, facial recognition prevented 26 alleged imposters from entering the United States within a three month period.
  • In 2018, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in New Delhi used facial recognition technology that positively identified more than 2,900 missing children in just four days.
  • In New York, the use of facial recognition technology used throughout New York’s DMV led to the arrests of 4,000 in connection to identity theft or fraud.

Naturally, there are some people who are fearful of facial recognition being used for sinister purposes. Critics are concerned about the tech’s impact on privacy and whether or not facial recognition systems are susceptible to discrimination and bias. People of Color, specifically, Black women, are especially concerned about false identification, as 35% of facial recognition errors that do occur happen when identifying women with dark skin as opposed to only 1% of errors happening when identify white males.

But for businesses, the benefits of having a video surveillance system with a biometric face recognition system far outweigh the cons.

Though controversial, integrating a facial recognition system into your video surveillance security system is worth it.

  • Enhanced security of facial recognition allows for the quick identification of trespassers burglars, thieves, fraudsters and other would-be criminals.
  • Facial recognition technology is near impossible to hack or manipulate. It’s an excellent tool for businesses because it helps reduce and even prevent fraud.
  • It provides an easily automated form of access security. Biometric access control is a more efficient form of personnel verification for access to buildings and restricted areas.
  • Integrating facial recognition technology into your existing security software is easy.

There is no doubt that the evolution of biometric facial recognition is changing the face of video surveillance and how we approach security measures. As the tech continues to evolve, there will always be challenges. While individuals may see facial recognition as an invasion of privacy, business owners and even government entities see it as a way to deter crime and protect assets.
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