Do Security Systems Deter Burglars?

In the security industry, prevention is the best method of improving security. While security systems play an important role in addressing crime when it happens, they play a more important part in trying to prevent crime as well. Research shows that under the right conditions, having a security system can effectively persuade burglars to look in other places. Here is a look at how your security alarm system can help you prevent burglaries. 

Barrier to Entry

When burglars look for a place to rob, they want to avoid problems. Pets, strong locks, and security alarm systems are at the top of the list for potential problems that can make a burglary difficult. Your security system serves as a barrier to entry for criminals, and you can use that to your advantage. 

That is one of the reasons why security systems come with signs and window stickers that show that your house is protected by an alarm system. Subverting one of these systems is difficult under the best of circumstances, especially with modern technology. If you use the right method for your alarm system installation, burglars will be less likely to want to test your system and will move on to a different target. 

Proper Installation

For your alarm system to be an effective deterrent, it must be installed properly. There are ways of doing this that make it more effective at preventing crime that you can take advantage of. Proper camera placement, for example, lets burglars know that they are being watched. If they can see that there are cameras that don’t leave open spaces where they can sneak in, this is a sign that a security system may be too difficult to avoid. 

Security companies take factors like these into consideration when installing security systems. It is a careful balance between leaving elements visible and hiding them so that criminals are not able to plan an effective way to circumvent your system. It is this doubt that deters them from burglarizing your home. 

Updated Technology

Over time, technology can become outdated. If you have an older security system, there is a chance that burglars may have developed a method of subverting it. This can also happen with newer technologies, especially those using wireless systems, but they have not been around long enough for many burglars to develop the skills needed to disable them. Make sure that the system that you have installed uses the latest technology. This can minimize the chances of burglars having an effective way to break through your system. 

Surprise and Intimidation

The key to using your security system effectively to deter burglars is to set up a system that can surprise and intimidate them. Alarms often surprise burglars and can make them run away once it is triggered. You can do the same thing with exterior security system components like motion-activated lights. Simple additions like this make burglars rethink their choice and run away. 

Improving Your Home Security

Having a security system does make burglars think twice about burglarizing your home, but you have to have it installed properly. If you want one of the best alarm systems in Chicago, contact Video and Sound Service, Inc. at (708) 562-6316. We can help you get the best security alarm, fire alarm, and life safety systems for your home.