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Long Range Security Camera 2023: A Complete Buying Guide

long range security camera

When it comes to security for your property, having the best long range security camera is a must. With advances in technology, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. With so many options on the market, how do you know

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Which Smoke Alarm is Best for Your Home or Business?

When it comes to protecting your home or business, understanding the basic principles of fire safety is of the utmost importance. And first on that list is establishing a fire protection system. Research shows that early warning is particularly critical

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Choosing the Best Fire Detectors for Your Fire Protection System

Notorious for loud sirens and strobing lights, fire alarms aren’t normally anyone’s idea of a pleasant wall ornament. Yet still, no one can deny the importance of such fire detection devices. Whether it’s alerting the residents of a house that

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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Surveillance

ai security surveillance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a type of technology that makes systems smarter than they have ever been, including giving them the ability to learn. There are many different technologies included in AI and each one contributes to moving technology forward

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A Deeper Look at How Biometrics are Used


The addition of biometric security devices changes how we think about security devices. Biometrics are fundamentally different from other device types in how they work. While they provide significant advantages in terms of security, there are certain things that are

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Fingerprint Readers are Still the Best, Despite Illness Concerns

fingerprint reader pros

Events in 2020 raised concern that biometric security devices may see a decline because of the potential to spread diseases. While this is a valid concern, there are many reasons why biometric devices are still safe to use. Fingerprint readers

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