Biometric Face Recognition is Improving Security

The technology of biometric access control has changed the way we approach securing our buildings, homes, and even mobile devices. Biometrics was once a top-secret security measure only heard of in science fiction novels, film, and television. Now, biometric technology is a reality and continues to evolve—from fingerprint recognition to facial recognition. Though not as popular as other forms of security methods, biometrics is now becoming a standard for high security, and for good reason.

What is Facial Recognition?

Biometric facial recognition is a software application that is able to identify a person through their digital image. Through biometric software, people several digital images to be taken of themselves at different angles with different facial expressions. Then, for verification, the individual will stand in front of the camera and their image is compared using the facial recognition software that their digital images were uploaded to. They may even be asked to smile, nod, or blink for added security verification. They may also use facial thermology to measure facial heat. Facial recognition uses the following components of the face to verify individuals:

  • Nose width
  • Lip size
  • Jawbone length
  • Eye socket depth
  • Cheekbone shape
  • Distance between the eyes, mouth, nose
  • General face size and shape

Facial recognition has become an essential security measure in buildings that require high levels of security. Buildings such as banks and government facilities, employ biometric access control to limit who enters and exits the building and certain areas within the building where access is restricted to certain personnel. Using Face Match features, the security system will identify a specific person by scanning their facial features. If their facial features match the stored digital image on the database, then access to the building or restricted area is granted.

Facial recognition is an especially useful security measure for banks because:

  • Face recognition login allows customers to access their accounts and prevents imposters or fraudulent access to their account.
  • Biometric access control prevents fraud because the system’s algorithm collects data from image databases and can help recognize fraudulent patterns or the fraudster themselves.
  • Biometric facial recognition can be used to secure vaults and safety deposit boxes

Like fingerprint and retinal scanning, biometric facial recognition is becoming an increasingly popular security measure because of how easy it is to use and how thorough the security measure it is. People can steal passwords and hack into some systems, but outside of science fiction films and novels, people cannot fool biometric facial recognition systems. You can’t fake a face.

If you operate a business in Illinois and need to step up your security measures, talk to the experts here at Video and Sound Inc to help you choose the best security system for your business’s physical location. Whether you are looking for a simple video surveillance security system or a security system with biometric access control, our security specialists have the knowledge and experience you need to help secure your building.