10 Best Home Security Apps for Android Phones, Tablets, iPhone, and iPad

With the rise in crime rates and the increasing prevalence of cyber threats, it is more important than ever to ensure that your home is secure. Fortunately, there are a number of mobile apps available to help you protect your home. In this article, we will look at 7 of the best home security apps for Android phones/tablets, iPhones, and iPad devices.

List of Best Home Security Apps

1. Ivideon (Android App)

Ivideon is an android app that offers a comprehensive home security solution. It allows users to live stream their security camera footage from anywhere in the world and store it in the cloud. 

The app is ideal for those interested in home security as it can be used to view live streams of security cameras, set up motion detection alerts, manage multiple cameras, and review archived recordings on any android phone or tablet. 

Ivideon also boasts a wide range of features, including two-way audio support (for compatible models), night vision viewing modes, and access to multiple cameras at once. With its easy-to-use interface and wide range of features, Ivideon is the perfect app for Android device users to manage their home security systems.

2. Reolink (Android App)

Reolink is an Android App that provides users with a great home security system. It is a free app that allows you to use your Android device and IP camera to monitor your home’s security. 

With the Reolink App, you can watch live video feeds from your security cameras, record video and receive alerts when motion is detected. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home security system

3. Alfred (Android App)

Alfred is an android app that is known for its best home security features. It is a great security app that allows users to turn their old device into a security camera. 

This android security app provides users with the best home security solutions. It has all the features of a security camera app, including motion detection and night vision. With Alfred, users can monitor their home from anywhere in the world. 

4. i-Security (Android App)

The i-Security Android App is an excellent home security app for your Android device. It allows you to access and monitor a live stream from your best home security camera, giving you peace of mind when away from home. 

With this app, you can easily control alarm settings, watch live footage of your camera feed, store recordings and much more. It has an intuitive user interface that makes navigating through the system quick and effortless so that you can respond to emergencies quickly.

5. Video Monitor (Android App)

Video Monitor is an Android App designed to help protect your home security. It’s a great way for Android users to keep their homes safe and secur. It’s also available as an app for iPhone and iPad users, giving everyone access to the best home security features. Video Monitor allows you to monitor your home through your Android device or iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad. 

6. Presence (iOS App)

Presence is an iOS app that helps you stay connected with your friends. It allows you to easily keep track of when your friends are online and available. 

With Presence, you can set up alerts that notify you when your friends come online, so you never miss out on a conversation. You can also customize the types of alerts that are sent, such as text messages or push notifications. 

7. Alarm.com (iOS App)

Alarm.com is the best home security app available for iOS devices such as iPhone 7, iPad and iPod touch. This security app is a powerful tool that provides advanced home security features to users. It allows them to choose the best home security solution according to their needs and preferences. 

This feature-rich app also enables users to monitor and control their home security system remotely from their iOS or Android device. 

Cybersecurity is More Important Than Every

Cybersecurity is more important now than it has ever been before. That’s because we rely on technology more than ever. With so much at stake, it’s important that you have the right level of security in place at all times. Fortunately, mobile devices and cloud-based security systems make it easy to manage your home security system from anywhere in the world. Contact Video and Sound Services, Inc. at (708) 562-6316 for help with all of your security needs.