Benefits of Fingerprint Access Control Systems

Biometric fingerprint access control systems offer a superior level of security that passwords and keycards simply cannot surpass. Fingerprint access control systems identify individuals, not keycards or passwords. Once upon a time, only government institutions and businesses requiring high levels of security had access to biometric control systems. Now, it is so common that it is a basic component of smartphones.

What is a fingerprint access control system?

Biometric verification is based on the unique, physiological traits like fingerprints, iris, gait, etc. The concept has been around for thousands of years. Fingerprints were used in the 19th century to identify repeat criminals and pottery makers in East Asia would place their fingerprints in the clay as it cured. It wasn’t until the 1970s that biometrics was used as an automated technology.

The two ways to determine individual identity with biometric fingerprint technology is through verification and identification. Fingerprint recognition identifies the unique patterns of the impression or marks on a person’s fingertip. No two individuals have the same fingerprints. Fingerprints cannot be stolen or lost.

Verification confirms a person is who they claim to be by performing a comparison of their fingerprint sample with a fingerprint that is on record. Identification compares an individual’s fingerprint to all other samples on file to confirm someone’s identity. When the individual’s fingerprint positively matches with another sample on file, their identity is confirmed.

Why are fingerprint systems beneficial?

Fingerprint access control systems are safer and offer more security for a variety of reasons. A few reasons you should consider upgrading to a biometric security system include:

Accurate Identification and Accountability
● Businesses will have increased security and convenience. Since fingerprints are unique, they are near impossible to steal, compromise or lose.
● Fingerprint authentication can be used as individual security or in combination with other authentication measures like passwords, tokens, and physical ID cards.
● As your business grows, a fingerprint authentication system can easily scale with your business. These systems are great for expanding security to more areas of your facility.

More Efficient
● Fingerprints technology’s ease of use and accurate matching will save you time and money.
● Personnel can connect with specific activities when they log activity via biometric fingerprint security systems.
● Biometric fingerprint readers are more effective at avoiding fraud, protecting businesses from catastrophic security breaches.

● For employees, it’s much easier to scan a fingerprint than remember a password.
● For system managers, fingerprint access is more convenient to control than resetting passwords and replacing lost identification badges.

Biometric fingerprint access control systems are revolutionary in how they can limit entry into secure areas of a building. Businesses with biometric access control are safer than those that rely on keys, access cards, passwords and other devices that can be stolen, hacked or replicated.