The Many Advantages of Digital Video Surveillance Systems for Businesses

Long gone are the days of grainy, barely visible surveillance camera feed operated on analog technology. Advancements in digital technology continue to make analog technology obsolete. At one point in time, video surveillance was only accessible to major businesses. With the continued evolution of video surveillance technology, digital video surveillance equipment is affordable and accessible to everyone.

If you are still using antiquated, analog video surveillance equipment or don’t already have surveillance equipment for your business, you should seriously consider the benefits of upgrading to a digital video surveillance system.

Loss Prevention and the Reduction of Theft and Vandalism
Digital surveillance systems have the ability to capture more and store more video than their older counterparts. The quality of the video surveillance is also superior to old, analogy technology. Digital cameras provide video in high definition and can capture wider viewing angles, allowing business owners the ability to see more of what’s happening in their establishment.

Upgrading to digital video surveillance means having clearer images. If a theft or act of property damage has taken place, clearer images allow for quicker identification and capture of shoplifters and vandalizers.

Easy Video Surveillance and Equipment Installation and Effective Implementation
Digital video cameras require less equipment than analog cameras with their complex wiring. This means camera installation is quicker and easier.

Better Storage Capabilities and Accessibility
Say goodbye to the tape recorders required to store video footage from analog video surveillance cameras. Digital systems allow for near far superior storage capabilities for video feed.
Also, digital surveillance systems do not require the need to hire security personnel to man a security station and monitor the cameras. Digital surveillance systems allow for flexible, secure, and remote logins to watch digital feed in real time.

Remote Monitoring Abilities
Speaking of remote logins, digital surveillance systems allow you to monitor the activity of your surveillance camera feeds from anywhere in the world—via desktop laptop, tablet or smartphone—as long as you have internet access. You can literally keep an eye on your business by viewing live streams or archived footage while you’re on vacation.

Cost Effective and Scalability
While analog technology was quite costly, advancements in digital technology allows for digital surveillance cameras to be quite cost effective and requires less physical space than analog camera systems.
The high-quality images, video feed, and wider range of coverage from digital cameras means you will need fewer cameras to cover the same space as analog cameras.
Also, digital cameras make it easy to scale your security to your expanding business space without costing you an arm and a leg. You can add cameras as needed without additional wiring, allowing for easy integration into your security network.

Saves Time
Business owners don’t have time to review every minute of security footage in an effort to keep an eye on your business’s day to day activities. Luckily, you don’t have to even try because distributed intelligence software programs can monitor your video feed to identify specific behaviors, recognize movements and patterns and generate alerts to send to your security team.
There is just no way analog video cameras can compete with the efficiency of digital surveillance systems.