Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Security Camera Installation

Technology is constantly evolving, almost like a living organism. Tech’s evolution allows us to grow, do more, be safer. One of the best examples to watch the evolution of technology is with security cameras. Security cameras went from grainy, barely visible recorded footage to 4K HD video surveillance footage that looks almost like a film. But like many advancements in technology, using video camera surveillance can be a double-edged sword.

Innovations in security camera installation technology have benefited us greatly, but they can also cause a lot of trouble. While many have come to praise the advantages of security cameras in Chicago, some fear that its use could be abused and used for nefarious purposes.

Advantages of Security Cameras

Every day, we see the rewards that security camera installation affords us, whether in a news story or a viral YouTube video of something incredibly being captured with hidden video surveillance.

The presence of security cameras is proven to deter crime.
When asked, most burglars say security cameras are the biggest deterrent from breaking into a home or business. Having a security system that includes video surveillance camera that is visible is a good way to make burglars think twice about breaking into your home or business.

You can monitor activities and scenarios with camera surveillance.
Today’s cameras come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and be placed almost anywhere. They are small enough to be hidden in plants, picture frames, and toys. You can use video cameras to help monitor suspicious activity, people visiting your home and office, and employees. Is someone mysteriously taking your clearly labeled yogurt from the breakroom refrigerator? A strategically placed surveillance camera can get you the answers you need.

Video camera surveillance assists in gathering evidence.
Speaking of getting answers, strategic security camera installation comes in handy when you have an event and need to monitor people’s actions.

Security camera surveillance feed makes for good records.
Footage from the security camera feed makes excellent documentation. Cameras systematic record and document everything per time and date.

Disadvantages of Security Cameras

While the advantages of having security cameras outweigh the disadvantages, those disadvantages still exist.

Security camera surveillance poses a privacy issue.
The use of security cameras in both the home and professional settings can bring up issues of invasion of privacy. There are instances where employees objected to being under constant surveillance. And there have been instances where hidden cameras were used unscrupulously.

Security cameras can be vulnerable.
Tech-savvy burglars may be able to disable or disconnect a camera from its power source. Also, if a burglar has been researching a home or business, they may have worked out a way to go undetected by security cameras. In an even worse case scenario, hackers can gain access to your security camera system and use them to spy on you.

Security cameras cannot stop theft.
Security cameras allow users to record footage for later viewing. Outside of real-time footage, security cameras cannot stop a crime while in progress.