7 Signs Your Surveillance System is Out of Date

Protecting your business is important to you. Your security system should reflect that. The problem is, too many businesses still rely on outdated security technology to protect their business. Having up-to-date security systems is essential to keeping your company’s bottom line safe.

1. Your alarm system is still connected to landlines
Burglars or other intruders can google where phone lines are located on a house or building. You need a modern security system that has a more secure form of communicating to local authorities.

2. Your system still uses a key or a single keypad
With smartphones and tablets being able to track everything from your finances to our fitness routine, why not use the same advanced technology to access and control your organization’s security system? Having remote access will reduce response times, eliminate the need for continuous manpower.

3. You use wired sensors
Older security systems are wired and transmit signals through wires that burglars could easily cut. Don’t wait for burglars when you can cut the cord yourself by upgrading to a wireless system.

4. You’ve never updated your software and hardware
If you’ve had your video surveillance system for more than seven years and have never updated your software or hardware, it’s time to upgrade. Updating your security system with the latest technology and firmware/software is vital.

5. You are using low resolution security cameras
The time of the grainy, blurry, low resolution video surveillance has come to an end. Low definition analog video surveillance cameras and DVRs are obsolete. With today’s 1080p and even 4k resolution, you no longer have to strain your eyes to make out what’s going on in your camera’s live-stream or recordings due to outdated technology.

6. Your surveillance system doesn’t send notifications
Modern IP-based systems will issue a notification when your surveillance system is being rebooted or offline. We live in a mobile world. We receive email and text notifications for almost everything. Should something go wrong with your security while you are away, you should receive text or email notification from your security system. Your video surveillance system should be modern enough to send you alerts and notifications.

7. Your system isn’t data friendly
If the only thing your surveillance system does for your is let you view surveillance footage, then you are behind the times. Today’s advanced security systems can analyze traffic flow patterns. A modern system can detail where people are going, where they spend their time in your establishment.

While it could be tempting to cut corners to save money by using outdated technology, it will cost you more money in the long run, possibly in the form of lost or stolen inventory. Protect your business with the latest technology in hidden surveillance cameras with the help of Video Sound Inc. We have assisted in the installation of numerous surveillance cameras in Chicago and across the country. We are confident we can assess your security needs and assist in providing the security system that meets your business’ individual needs.