7 Reasons Why Biometric Security Systems Are Better

Biometric security systems are a new field where biometrics take a leading role in security for locations. These sensors use bio data that is unique to each person to identify users instead of traditional means. Many believe that these systems are more effective. Here are seven reasons why biometric security systems are better than your other options.

1. Biometrics Are Hard to Replicate or Fake

One of the biggest benefits of using biometrics is that biometrics are complicated. This makes it much harder to fake or replicate biometric data than other types of security system identification.

Anyone can use an RFID card to bypass security, but it is nearly impossible to bypass a biometric scanner. The person that the biometrics belong to has to be present and in good condition. Otherwise the scanner will reject any readings that it takes.

2. IDs That Are Impossible to Lose

Biometrics are also very difficult to lose. Take fingerprints, for example, a person would need to remove their fingerprints entirely for the system to not work. This is very difficult to do, meaning that it is very difficult for a person to lose their biometric ID. The IT team will not have to spend time replacing IDs and reprogramming security systems because someone lost their credentials.

3. Biometric Security Systems Are More Cost Efficient

There are no physical tokens or cards to buy or distribute to employees. Biometrics can be used to confirm a user’s identity by checking the stored data in the system. If a user is in a pinch and doesn’t have any other form of ID, biometrics can be checked by themselves. The only costs that are associated with biometric security systems are the sensors that register the sample data from users, which is minimal compared to the costs of other forms of identification.

4. Biometric Scans Are More Detailed

Biometric data is used in much more detail than other types of security systems. For example, a fingerprint scanner will tell the system to compare the scanned image to a raw image from the database of images. A facial recognition camera will use standard tools to measure distances between parts of the face and make sure that they are consistent with the stored images. Increased detail means that it is harder to trick scanners, making them far more accurate and secure.

5. Biometrics Are Easy To Integrate Into Existing Systems

Biometric security systems are not restricted to those who buy their own. Many businesses, such as banks, use the technology to meet the needs of customers. In some cases this means that biometrics can be used as a primary security measure. In others this means that users may be able to choose what kind of biometric scanner they want using tablets or smartphones. This makes it much easier for customers to sign up and make use of the system.

6. Biometrics are Easier to Operate

Biometric security systems are easier to use than many other options. Instead of digging through a bag to find a card or having to remember a number, users can put their finger on a pad or look at a sensor. There are no additional pieces needed and take very little effort to use.

7. Biometric Systems Are Fast

Biometric systems work quickly, making it easier to enter secured areas for qualified personnel. If there are a lot of people that need to pass through secure areas often, then this is a major benefit. There won’t be bottlenecks of people trying to access areas letting you maintain better security.

Upgrade Your Systems

To take advantage of the benefits of biometric technology, upgrade your security systems. Biometric security systems can be added to your existing security layout. Contact Video and Sound Services, Inc. at (708) 562-6316 to learn more about a biometric upgrade.