7 Reasons to Consider a Wireless Alarm System

A wireless alarm system is one of the most powerful home security options on the market today. It does not need to be attached to any kind of physical wires, making it the perfect option for homes that have ever experienced problems with cables being cut. It is an easy home security installation option. Here are 7 reasons to consider a wireless security system installation.

Wireless Systems are Versatile

A wireless alarm system can be installed anywhere in your home, not just in one specific location like wires might require. This is also true for the homeowner who doesn’t want their security system installed on or near their front door. A wireless alarm system installation can be installed in a larger number of locations.

Quick Installation Time

The initial installation of a wired security system can take quite some time, but the wireless security system only takes about 30 minutes. Even better, there is no waiting period because the alarm can be installed right away. This is especially great if you are concerned about an intruder trying to break in during the time it takes your security to get into your home.

Add or Remove Components to Fit Your Home’s Needs

The fact that it is easy to add and remove components makes it the perfect option for people who plan on changing their security system over time. You can add more security sensors or change out your keypad for a different location with ease. Any homeowner wanting maximum flexibility for their security system should look into a wireless option. A wireless security system will allow you to make adjustments without having to make any permanent changes to your home.

Automatically Notify Authorities

A wireless alarm system is among the best ways to protect your valuables against unauthorized access. The security alarm will sound when anyone opens a door or window, no matter if they are home, away, or out of range. Wireless systems can automatically contact emergency responders in case there is an intruder in the house. This ensures that your home and property are protected both inside and out.

Friendly for Renters

One of the biggest perks for renters and homeowners alike is that a wireless system can be removed and transferred from place to place without needing to be installed again. This is especially helpful if you plan on moving into a new house, as you can take it with you. It’s easy to set it up again when you get settled, too!

More Affordable Than Some Other Options

If you’re looking to spend less on the purchase of your alarm system, this is a great option. One of the most appealing things about a wireless alarm is that it is usually less expensive than a wired option. With a wireless system, there’s no need for wires or phone lines to be installed, which makes this option more affordable than some other types of systems. A basic wireless system can be purchased for a few hundred dollars.

Smart Home Features

Many wireless alarm systems come with smart home features. These can allow you to control your alarm system from your phone, tablet, or PC. For example, you could change the temperature of your home before you arrive or turn off cameras when you’re away. You can also link different devices such as garage doors and smart locks together.

Learn More About a Wireless Alarm System

Wireless home alarm installation is easy and effective at protecting your property and family. Call Video and Sound Services, Inc. today at (708) 562-6316 to schedule a consultation to discuss your custom security alarm systems.