7 Reason You Need a Custom Security Alarm System for Your Home and Business

At some point, everyone becomes concerned about the safety of their family, friends, coworkers and/or employees. We live in a world where crime is an unfortunate factor. But what may seem like enough security for one person or business may not be enough for the next.
Some areas are proven safer than others, but crime is always a possibility. For this reason, more people are turning to purchase custom alarm systems for their individual needs.

Here are 7 compelling reasons you need a custom alarm system for your home or business.

Custom alarm systems offer more options.

Most mass-produced, box security solutions offer little variation. The stock usually comes with a control pad, alarm panel, two to three door contacts. Many modern boxed safety solutions now also come with a motion detector.
With a custom security system, you will be able to customize for as many doors or windows that you need as well as image sensors, glass break detectors, and choose from a variety of surveillance cameras.

You can receive expert advice and professional installation of your security alarm system.

With a custom security alarm system, your security expert will be able to design video surveillance cameras that are best suited to you and your family or your business. Boxed systems, however, do not offer that type of personalization and requires you to plan the layout of your installation according to the boxed instructions and not what’s best for your space.

Having custom alarm system installation means having a system designed specifically for your home or business.

Again, before your alarm system installation, a security expert with consult with you about what you want, what you need, your preferences, and concerns. He or she will then take that information and build a security system that puts all boxed systems to shame.

A custom alarm system protects against more than just crime.

When people think about safety and alarm systems, they usually think about crime prevention. Custom alarm systems, however, can come with carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensors, and rising heat detection.

Take advantage of advanced smart home features with a custom alarm security system.

Modern wireless security system technology includes the ability for home automation. Smart home alarm systems work with popular home automation devices like Google Home and Amazon’s Echo.

Your security alarm system will allow for remote control and monitoring.

In addition to having a custom security system with integrated smart home systems is having the advantage of being able to monitor your home or business remotely. Most systems are accompanied by a smartphone app that will allow you to view live camera feeds from anywhere. You can also turn your lights on or off, and lock or unlock doors. Turn your heat or air conditioning on or off before coming home to get your home atmosphere just right before you return home.

Your alarm system can be customized to adapt to the future.

A customized security system allows for additional devices or programs to be added in the future. Boxed systems do not offer that level of personalization.
We’re not saying that boxed systems are worthless. They aren’t. They are an excellent security option. But their capabilities are limited. As your family grows, or as your business grows, you will need added security. Why not choose a customizable security system that is adaptable to your needs?