6 Tips For An Effective Surveillance Camera System Installation

Installing a surveillance camera system can help to keep your business or home safer by monitoring everything that happens. In the event that you need footage to show what happened during a burglary, you will have access to it. Additionally, having a surveillance system can be a deterrent for burglars who would prefer to strike a residence or commercial property without such safety measures. If you are considering a new surveillance system, here are six tips to ensure that you have an effective security camera installation.

Invest in the Right Cameras

Ideally, your surveillance camera system will contain a variety of different cameras. You do not need high-end, expensive cameras with pan and tilt technology for every angle. However, there are some places where it is well worth the investment to choose a camera with more functionality. Try to invest in the right combination of cameras and motion sensors that reflect the space that you are trying to secure, your budget, and your goals. Businesses and residential estates with high-value assets may want to choose different types of cameras for rooms with safes and vaults compared to the cameras selected for hallways and lobbies.

Hide All Cables and Wires

If a criminal can access cables and wires to your surveillance cameras, they can cut the cable or wire to shut off the camera before they commit the crime. This is why it is important to hide all cables and wires to your security cameras so that they cannot be easily accessed. Some do-it-yourself security camera kits have easily visible cables and wires that can create additional security threats. If the purpose of your camera system is to keep you safe and see everything that happens, cables and wires that can be severed neutralize their effectiveness.

Install Both Interior and Exterior Cameras

It is not enough to install only exterior or interior cameras. To effectively secure your property, it is imperative that you utilize a combination of cameras throughout the inside and outside of your buildings to ensure that every angle is captured. You can miss key footage of incidents without effective coverage from multiple cameras.

Focus on Cybersecurity

Without proper cybersecurity measures in place, unauthorized users could gain access to your security surveillance system. Implementing vendor-approved software can help to prevent breaches. You can also choose to limit who can access the footage and from what devices or locations.

Hire a Trustworthy Security Camera Installer

The most important step in an effective security camera installation is to find a trustworthy installer. Be sure to check reviews and to confirm that their licenses are current. Criminals could try to access your home by pretending to be a security camera installer.

There are many reasons to install a video camera surveillance system at your home or business. By utilizing these tips, you can make the most of your install. If you’re in need of CCTV camera installation, contact Video and Sound Service, Inc. to schedule an appointment.