6 Reasons Why Home Alarm Systems Are Worth the Investment

A person’s home is their castle. Whether your family consists of a spouse and children or you and Fido, your home is your biggest investment. It’s where you sleep at night, it’s where you binge Netflix, it’s where you host your annual Super Bowl party. Your home is more than a roof over your head; it’s your family—your memories. Naturally, you want to keep your family safe. Investing in a modern security alarm system will go beyond giving you peace of mind. Here are six reasons you should invest in a home alarm system installation.

Protect your loved ones:
In a study by UNC Charlotte, 41% of burglars said that they burglarize on the spur of the moment. That means, if a burglar could be walking by and see that you aren’t home, maybe notice easy access to your backyard and decide to rob your home. In that study, most of the burglars said that they would check to see if an alarm was present, and 60% said that the presence of an alarm system or home security cameras would deter them.

Professional monitoring:
Investing in a home security alarm system means having your home monitored by the professionals when you leave for vacation or go out of town for business. They monitor your home for any type of event and dispatch emergency personnel if needed.

Remote monitoring and access:
In addition to having professionals monitor your home, with the technology of today’s alarm systems, you can also keep an eye on your home from anywhere via the internet or an app.

Automate your home:
Did you remember to turn the stove off? Did you forget to turn the lights off? With today’s technology, you can have a “smart home” with an alarm system that automates turning the lights on or off, control your thermostat, arm or disarm the system, monitor motion detectors, view cameras in your home, access appliances, and so much more.

Protect against more than just burglaries:
Investing in an alarm system that can detect carbon monoxide, rises in heat or excess smoke, and water levels can literally save yours and your family’s lives.

Save money on your bills:
Home security systems with home automation are becoming increasingly popular. Homeowners can use home automation to turn off their air conditioning while they are gone and turn it back on when they are on their way home. And they can do the same with the lights. It could save hundreds of dollars each year on your energy bill. This also acts as a deterrent to would-be burglars. And as a bonus, insurance companies love homes that have modern alarm systems. So much so that they may offer a discount or a credit to homes with modern security system installations.
These are only 6 reasons why you need to invest in a home security system. There are many other reasons to invest in a home alarm system that we haven’t even touched on, including having an alarm system that makes accessing medical assistance easy by offering an emergency pull or a medical alert pendant. If you need assistance choosing the best home security system, talk to us here at Video and Sound. We’ve been helping businesses and homeowners select the best alarm systems in Chicago to fit their individual needs for over 40 years.