6 Reasons to Add a Wireless Security Camera to Your Home Security

The Game Has Changed
In today’s society, it is easier than ever to protect your home, pets, and loved ones, with one of the most popular ways to do so, is by installing wireless security systems. At one time, this form of security was something that could only be afforded by the very wealthy. It was costly to maintain because the security cameras were cumbersome and the quality was considerably subpar by today’s standards.

These issues are no longer valid, and virtually anyone can purchase a decent home security system as installing it doesn’t require you to be a technological virtuoso.

It’s Easy To Decide What You Need
A cursory search on popular websites like Amazon shows that you can purchase a variety of different wireless cameras in a variety of price ranges, which vary from ultra HD night vision cameras in a bundle for a couple of hundred dollars to the slightly more costly options.

You can decide what you need within your price range. Even assistance with home security installation is relatively inexpensive now. People no longer have to shell out the amount of one month’s rent and two car payments for a decent wireless camera just to feel secure in their home.

Won’t You Be A Good Neighbor?
Another reason to consider when purchasing a security camera system is the placement of the cameras. If you live in a residential area in Chicago, consider placing at least one facing the street. From personal experience, you might catch criminals breaking into your neighbor’s car or home.

With a little neighborly goodwill, providing the footage would certainly strengthen your neighbor’s opinion of you, and they might feel so inclined to come to your aid should you ever need it. In more rural areas, having wireless security cameras could also strengthen the ties with local police agencies, and the overall feeling of safety in your neighborhood.

One Break-In Is Too Many
In several cases, the sheer presence of a wireless camera has often been enough to deter potential criminals. Consider this: if you have your camera system for one year and only once in that year a criminal saw your camera and walked away, then your camera system has paid for itself tenfold by preventing you the massive headache of filing a police report, repairing any damage they may have caused, filing an insurance claim if you have homeowners or renters insurance, waiting for a check to replace your stolen items and the mental anguish that comes along with knowing someone violently forced their way into your home and invaded your safe space.

Going Wireless Means More Protection
Another fantastic reason to install a home security system is the ability to check on your home while you are away. Using your smartphone, you can download an app that is linked to your security system and check-in day or night. This can provide a monumental peace of mind knowing that no matter where you are in the world, you can check-in at home to see if your package is on the doorstep or if you remembered to close the garage door.

Cheaper Premiums
Finally, don’t forget that by installing a wireless camera, your home value may increase and your homeowner’s insurance could decrease.
Don’t put off protecting your home with wireless security cameras for too long. If you are unsure of which type of home security system you need, Video and Sound Inc in Chicago can help you decide which security system will work best for you and your family or business.