5 Key Benefits of Security with the Addition of Biometrics

Biometrics are a special type of security device that reads biometric information to determine if a person should be let into a secure area. This type of device adds a heightened level of security to a security system that makes it much harder to beat the system. Many companies and even homeowners are adding biometric scanners to their security systems in critical spaces where tight security is needed. Here are five key benefits of security with the addition of biometrics. 

Fast Authentication

Adding biometrics into a security system is relatively easy if you choose a biometric fingerprint reader. They read the fingerprint, but also biometric data that is unique to everyone. It is a more secure form of fingerprint recognition. It is the uniqueness of each finger that helps the reader work quickly. Biometric fingerprint readers can authenticate specific people fast and without needing a second form of identification to be highly accurate. 

Increased Accountability

Because biometric security systems use the unique biometric information of each person, it is exceedingly difficult for one staff member to impersonate another. Unlike ID cards that can be taken and reused by other people, biometric data cannot be taken. This design ensures that each person can be held accountable for their actions if something goes wrong. 

More Convenient

Another perk of biometric security devices is that they are more convenient to use. Other security devices usually require specific input, like a number, or physical credentials, like an ID badge. This means that you could lose or forget your credentials and be locked out until you recover them. Biometric security systems don’t require any external devices. You always have your security credentials with you. Using biometric devices is also easier since it generally requires a single finger or a hand. 

Better Security

Biometric access control provides better security, which is why it is generally used around high-security areas to supplement other security devices. Biometric systems rely on biometric information that is unique to every person. It is unlikely that two people within the same area will have a matching set of biometric access control credentials. Combined with the fact that it is not possible to lose the access credentials since they are integrated into your body, biometric access control systems have few, if any, security weaknesses. 

Scalable Solution

In cases where additional security may be needed, biometric access control systems can create scalable systems. The system can be expanded by adding different types of biometric devices. For example, it is not uncommon for a high-security area to require a fingerprint scan, retina scan, and a keystroke test. If more security is needed, voice recognition and facial recognition systems can be added on top of the existing system. There are many options for stacking security components to create a system with enough security to meet your private or company security needs. 

If you are considering implementing biometric access control in your home or business, call Video and Sound Service, Inc. to learn more about biometrics.