4 Amazing Ways to Use Facial Recognition Software for Business

Facial recognition systems are becoming easy to implement into businesses, and offer a new way of interacting with customers. With a clever strategy and a few resources, you can revolutionize how your business operates and serves customers. If you are looking for a way to move forward and take your company to a new level, here are seven amazing ways to use facial recognition software. 

Enhanced Security for Purchases

Facial recognition is already used by law enforcement and security systems to identify people suspected of a crime. However, it can also be used to improve security for transactions. Rather than relying on a pin number or possession of a card, transaction systems could use facial recognition to verify customers’ identities when they are shopping. It is much harder to fake someone’s face than it is to steal a card or a number. In practice, all three of these systems will likely be used together for a comprehensive security solution. 

Ad Targeting

Being able to target ads to specific customers is one of the most effective ways of improving the customer experience and leading customers through the appropriate sales funnel. Facial recognition is an effective way to give each customer profile a unique identification so that the customer receives targeted ads only for what is appropriate for that customer. Be serving ads that are more relevant to each customer, companies are more likely to increase their conversion rate. 

Sizing and Design Choices

Shopping for hats, glasses, and facial accessories can be difficult for a lot of customers. Facial recognition systems can ease some of the stress by helping customers identify style choices and sizes that fit them. Some glasses retailers already use this method with online sales. The system lets customers upload a picture and overlay glasses to see what looks right. A company with some tech investment can take this a step further by using the system to automatically measure sizes and make style recommendations. This can improve conversion rates with less stress from customers, and fewer in-person customer service costs. 

Social Engagement

Facial recognition systems attached to strong computer processors can identify an entire crowd of people. If you implement such a system at social events or in your store, you can use it to offer additional value to customers. For example, a customer walks into your store. The system could immediately identify the shopper and send him or her a coupon for visiting the store. It is only available for in-store purchases and only available to people who visit the store and have an account. This incentivizes store visits and engagement with the company, which will help you maintain your customer base. 

You can also implement a similar system on social media that can recognize people’s faces and your products. If a person posts a picture on social media with one of your products, you can send them a coupon for supporting your company. Incentives like these are effective at developing brand loyalty and helping to increase your conversion rate. 

There are many ways of implementing facial recognition systems in your business. Partner with a company like Video and Sound Service, Inc. to get the support that you need. We are one of the best companies to work with for surveillance and facial recognition in Chicago. Plus, we can help with a variety of video and audio requirements to make shopping with your business a truly interactive experience.